The ENCIMA of Chapada - Contact Improvisation Gathering on the Mountains and Waters of Chapada Diamantina, will lead us from the pure waters of Capão Valley to the sacred mountains of Pati Valley, in a dance and nature immersion, opening a sensory space for a dialogue of the body with the environment.

At Vale do Capão, we will be opening the projects of this new space for study, healing and expansion called Terra Viva, an magic place in the end of the valley at the foot of Morro Branco (White Hill).

This reality is under construction, it is not yet ready. However it is ready for anyone who wants to participate in the collective creation, and who is available to take the necessary time and process for it to exist. 

We invite everyone who wants to co-create and deeply experience this reality to arrive early to help prepare the land and sow the intention of the encounter. Together we will build spaces, plan meals,and even choose themes we want to explore.


*January 2019* Chapada Diamantina/ Bahia/ Brazil*
8th-14th in Vale do Capão
16th-22th in Vale do Pati

* Community * Interaction * Nature * Movement* * Silence *Dance *Rivers * Waterfalls * Permaculture * *Agroforestry * Bioconstruction * Fire * Music * Contact * *Improvisation * Copoeira *Jam * Meditation * Dialogue * Love* * Experience * Experimentation * Consciousness *Beauty * Contemplation *

This is a invitation to experience the state of full presence
in our Sacred Valley

We will make a pre-encounter, the Seed Encounter that will take place from December 15th to January 7th, where we will be improving the dance spaces, the reception structure, dry toilets, making vegetable gardens and experiencing permaculture, agroforestry and bio-construction in the practice of community.

We consider everyone a master and a student, we know that each person has their own personal magic. For this reason we are opening some spaces for participants to share their research and teaching. We also, have some invited teachers who will propose explorations; but we will be constructing the program according to the proposals that appear.

After all the dances, we will continue on dancing to the Vale do Pati. We will have a lot of time to digest and contemplate as we proceed walking until we reach João's house, in the heart of the Diamantina forest, where we will be received for an 7 day retreat. Many moments of listening and silence, dance-walking, waterfalls, movement and quietude.

The Gathering