Leo Serrano is a dancer and scenic artist dedicated to the theme of improvisation. He was introduced to Contact Improvisation in 1990 by Alma Falkemberg, who was introducing this technic at the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center of the National University of Buenos Aires (UBA), as well as Release Technique with Trisha Bauman and Body Mind Centering (BMC) with Cathie Caracker. Since 2013 he has dedicated himself to offer courses and workshops in Brazil, directed to the theme of improvisation by contact, as well as to the field of Experiential Anatomy and Structures Applied to Improvisation. This courses took place in Federal University of São Paulo (FAP), São Paulo (USP), Rio de Janeiro (Sta. Teresa), João Pessoa (FUNESC), Santana Fair, Salvador (UFBA), Belo Horizonte Atelie Dudude), Ouro Preto (UFOP, School of Mines), São João del Rei (UFSJR) - among others. During the years 2013-2015, he attended the "Master of Fine Arts" and between 2015 and 2018 he received his PhD in Performing Arts at the Postgraduate Course in Performing Arts at the Federal University of Bahia (PPGAC-UFBA), with a final thesis approved: "The language of improvisation in Contemporary Dance: a transdisciplinary study of the field of praxis". In 2017 he made his university residence abroad at the Instituto Universitario de Lleida (INEFC, Catalunya, Spain) and at the "Blu Studio" of Company Blu in Firenze (Italy). He currently resides in the city of Salvador (Bahia, Brazil), where he coordinates since 2013 the Extension Project "SALVAJAM: Improvisation Lab" at the UFBA Dance Faculty (Ondina Campus); a movement laboratory open to the community, based on non-hegemonic transmission of experiences.

Capão Valey - DanceTissues
During the gathering we will establish forms of subtle connectivity between bodies, delaying us in the synesthesic listening and modes of interpersonal complementarity. In gradients we will unfolding in web structures that allow us to extend our listening to the whole group, tuning ourselves through elastic and solid supports that embody these modes of extended contact. The background search points to the arrival of states of collective movement where the matrices that are being created are sustained in a unified synergic field.

Paty Valley - AmphibianDance
During the trecking inside the Valley we will have the opportunity to establish an intimate relationship with the different rivers and waterfalls where we will stop. As our experience tune with these natural environments, we will explore ways of adapting our movement to the rocks, and then to get in and out of the water through them. For this, we will deepen ways of locomotion based, mainly, in the posture of quadruped (four supports) and also in ways to lie down and roll over the edges of the rocks. We will also do BodyWork practices in indoor spaces that will prepare us for this AmphibianDance.

My invitation is to explore the moments before the movement, where stillness, listening and intuition are potentiated to give way to a genuine movement. Recognize the internal emptiness and find a dance stripped of intentions, a dance that does not pretend to do, but to flow; that surrenders to becoming. We immerse in ourselves to contact with others and thus reach a meditative dancing state, where the flight and the ground are extremes of the same chain.

I met Contact Impro in a community self-gestated meeting at Cordoba's hills, more than 10 years ago. I feel that in these spaces and with this spirit is where the contact and the improvisation can be experienced more intensely. From the beginning I recognized myself on the CI family and I continued sharing jams and immersions, since many different personal circumstances. I realize the CI as a catalyst for thoughts, feelings and emotions. I share my discoveries and learnings from the body, in the duo, at the dance floor. It is a challenge and a joy to be able to offer my knowledge in this Meeting.

This year the program of the ENCIMA da Chapada will be built collectively according to the interests and abilities of the group, which is being formed in this space/time constellation to be shared soon! As the partıcıpatıons are confirmed, new proposals will be posted here. We also open parallel spaces for participants who want to share their experiences.

Teachers / Facilitators:

I am especially fascinated by the playfulness of Contact Improvisation. I enjoy this dance as an invitation to the game, in which the rules are the law of gravity, the principle of impermanence, the dream of flying and the syndrome of return to the womb. Guided by pleasure, I invite you to find the "dance state", a parallel dimension, where we are more ourselves.

In 2005 I graduated in Communication of Body Arts (Catholic University/São Paulo) and discovered the wonderful world of Contact Improvisation. I went through many teachers and festivals, in South America and Europe, being especially influenced by the Argentine community of CI.
I was creator, hostess and cook of Jamta, first weekly contact jam in São Paulo. I teached CI classes at Festín (Buenos Aires), Ballet Folclórico of Tarija (Bolivia), Casa Jaya (São Paulo); Improvisation Games classes at the CI Meeting in Brusquitas (Mar del Plata) and Espaço Rosane Cobra (São Paulo). I distanced myself from the dance floors to play at the cinema: applying the fundamentals of CI I produced a feature film, which premieres in Brazil next February. Now I am immersing myself in pedagogy, investigating literacy through the body.