This year the program of the ENCIMA da Chapada will keep being build collectively according to the interests and abilities of the group, which is being formed in this space/time. As the participations are confirmed, new proposals will be posted here. We also open spaces in the schedule for participants who want to share their experiences. Send your proposal when you will make your registration!

Program 2020 

Amrit Atma is a Mexican healer with about 20 years of experience in Vinyasa, Kundalini yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan. He is passionate about Thai massage teach and practice. He loves Movment, climbing, acro and contact dance improvisation and participate constantly in international acro, dance and yoga conventions in Europe and Sud America teaching and learning Thai, Yoga and Acro.

Julia Limaverde is graduated in Scenic Arts, in Federal University of Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. Developed several works like moviemaker, performer and cultural organizer. Since 2001 is researching Contact Improvisation and other movements with emphasis on improvisation tecniques, like Authentic Movement, View Points and Butoh. Since 2008 had been offer CI classes and labs in Brazil, Italia, India, Argentina, Germany, Poland and Spain. Participate and collaborate with several CI festivals, as Freiburg Contact Festival, Contact meets Contemporary, Italy Contact Fest, Festival Diamantino, Transformando pela Prática, Festival Internacional de São Paulo and Contact in Rio.
Currently making experiences with dance-massage, meditation, kundalini tantra, and conscious feeding. Organizer of the ENCIMA da Chapada - Contact Improvisation Gathering, and the Espaço Infinito, where several classes and retreats about self knowledge take place, in Chapada Diamantina (Bahia/Brazil).

Mela Belletto - I start my journey into the contact improvisation thanks to an annual contemporary dance program in Naples, Italy named A.R.T (Advanced research program). Then i start to travel around the world for studying this amazing dance and i found incredible teachers like Martin Keogh, Scott Wells, Angelica Donyi, Linda Bufali, Ray Chung, Thomas Mettler, Urs Stauffer, Itay Yatuv, Michele Marchesani, Leilani Weiss, Simonetta Alessandri, Alex Guex and many others. I found also very nourishing the approach of somatic practices to the dance so I studied body mind centering and feldenkrais. As a gestalt teraphy counsellor, I’m convinced about the importance of the expression of the body for your own well being so last year I decided to start studying dancetherapy. My interest into improvisation like a way to deal with the unknown took me to study also theater improvisation.


Morning Yoga

Deep Vinyasa flow adapted to each ones necesites with easy and challenging variations. Strong emphasis in hear your own needs, deep listening, deep relaxation, deep meditation.

Thai Massage guided sessions

Love, companion and attention lead this deep practice, “deep listening with the hands”, moving from the center. Delicious before or after dancing, stimulating and envigorating sequences for actívate or deep relaxation to reconect. All welcome.

Therapeutic Flight – Acro Yoga
If we use our weight in Thai Massage, in a therapeutic we use the weight from our partner, sack lines but the same attention and companionate love. All can fly

Paulo Mantuano has a degree in Physical Therapy (1992) and Body Expression and Contemporary Dance (1989). Practical theorist, he has been working as a teacher, choreographer, mover and Movement Director, dividing himself between Theater, Dance and Circus since 1990. He was Professor of Dance, Anatomy / Kinesiology and Contact Improvisation at the National Circus School in Rio de Janeiro. January (1992-1996), in the Dance Course of the Faculdade da Cidade University (1996-2006). He is currently teacher of Contact Improvisation and Neuroscience in the Graduate courses of Angel Vianna College. This year 2019 he is working as Director of Movement in the plays "Altamira 2042", "Angels in America" ​​and "Me, Moby Dick" of renowned companies and directors in the scenic field. Develops the BODY IN POWER Program acting in the field of somatic education with pedagogical-scenic-creative purposes. Manages the motion studio where he deals with chronic pain situations and motor programming for recovery from severe injuries.

Loren Pocsai (Hungary)

The Waves of Silence

In this workshop we will encounter the subtle movements and shifts in our fluid body through palpation. We will discover a few bodywork techniques in solo and in pairs from Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy integrated with other soft embodiment practices and then bring them into movement. Or not. Our main focus will be ‘Listening with our whole being’ and observing of the dance within and without. What moves our cells? What keeps us alive and in motion? How do blocks, pain and dis-ease appear and disappear from our bodies? We will visit still points, dynamic stillness and timeless experiences... just prepare for the softest, coziest and most familiar sensations of being with innocent openness towards whatever comes.



Body in Potence

Body in Potence is a set of body approaches resulting from research in the field of somatic education, Afro-Amerindians and oriental body practices that recognize the various intelligences inherent in the body, matching and understanding its dimensional aspects in their extensions in the physical (energetic structural), relational field (activation, enhancement and structuring of memory) and ancestral (systemic and collective unconscious). The body approaches are proposed from the idea of care and challenges. Understanding the nature of body structures and their peculiarities as: bone, nerve and connective tissues; present, sensitize and recognize the affective aspects of body contents through practices combining knowledge of somatic education and contents of Afro-Amerindian matrices promoting a dialogue of theory and practice



My proposal for this class is to take a deep journey into our roots. Working on our way to connect to the earth in order to gain a way to the sky. We will discover how two bodies can communicate with each other sharing a point of contact and finding together a fluidity of the movement, dealing every single moment with our inner feelings to give an intention and go with the flow. We will work on some basics concept of the Contact improvisation like gravity, sharing weight, physical contact but also trustness, momentum and equilibrium.


This is a simphony played by three dancers and the floor. Four partner. Starting from a contact impro basical concept that we never dance solo but the floor is our first partner, we will play in a dance trio (that i prefer to call quartet) trying to find our way to deal with so many stimulation, finding our way to give a clear direction and to use the space for playing with composition and momentum.

My name is Loren and I am Biodynamic Craniosacral practitioner, intuitive healer, lover of somatic movement practices, dancer and Hatha yoga teacher. I hold workshops in these fields.
I also offer private healing sessions for integration, self-healing and development, recovery and rejuvenation for the whole system (body-mind-heart-spirit).

My facebook page:


Listen to the void - beyond technique

As we sharpen the kinesthetic awareness, we may be able to set aside our usual patterns and find ourselves in a state of deep listening. Presence sets in during the dance when we stop thinking. This active meditation takes our dance to places unvisited. Breaking the expectation that we generate a spectacular dance can lead to a sensational experience. What is the difference between virtuosity and skill, repetition of acrobatics and spontaneous movement, spectacle and experience, trick and improvisation? In this lab we propose to release the conventions and bring the dance closer to the nature of the movement. We notice everything we have learnt and then let it go, and unlearn, allowing what is new arises. Breathing, silencing patterns, recognizing addictions, deconstructing habits, exploring the new with naivete, without censorship, without reference or prerequisite. Trusting in the unknown, surrendering. Everything is safely out of control.