Pati Valley : 17 - 24th January  

Inside the Valley without interference of TV antennas, mobile phones, the electricity grids or the noise of the cars, we can enjoy a real experience of deep ecology. Silencing our thoughts, decreasing our usual pace and allowing the unfolding of a state of contemplation, foster a more attentive listening to the soundscape, including our own inner tuning. The Pati Valley is a constant invitation to dive in a internal connection with our deepest essence. 

The Pati Valley is located in the heart of Chapada Diamantina National Park. It is known worldwide as one of the most attractive places for those who like hiking and trekking routes. Place of abundant beauty and peculiar ecosystem, featuring natural gardens of rock vegetation, lowland seasonal forests and evergreen altitude plants, which extend down. The slopes of the impressive hills that embrace the valley. is from the Gerais do Vieira and the Black River then come some rivers that will form later, the main river basin in the state of Bahia: the basin of the Paraguaçu River.

This dancing walk we will cross many miles of abundant beauty, between moments of movement and others of stillness and contemplation. On the way we will discover what makes this place so special, dancing in the mountains and in the sacred waters that are given to us along the way. We will arrive at our next point, in time to see the night fall near the wood stove with a delicious meal in the homes of some of the very few native families who remained living there, since the end of the cycles of diamonds and coffee.