> Registration (in Brazilian currency)

Capão (08 - 14/01/19)

R$ 500 (camping, classes and jams included)

Pati (16 - 22/01/19 )

R$ 800 (camping, classes, jams, snacks and guide included)   

Capão and Pati 

R$ 1200 (all above included)

If you dont want to camp, there is the option to reserve a bed in a shared room - R$ 20 per day

> The food

During the whole encounter, the food will be maintained according to the abundance that is supplied by the group. We suggest the amount of R$ 20 per day for the three meals.

Everyone will be invited to sign up to volunteer to prepare meals during the encounter. Cleaning and maintenance of spaces will be everyone's responsibility, naturally. The functions necessary for the ships perfect operation will all be explained on a board and ready to be adopted.

This is a creative process in constant experimentation, if you have a suggestion, please do it!