> Registration

Capão (08 - 15th jan 2020)

€ 200 (8 days with camping, food, classes and jams included)

Pati (17 - 25th jan 2020)

€ 250 (8 days with camping, food, activities and guide included)   

Capão and Pati 

€ 400 (17 days, all above included)​

 If you don't want to bring all the camping gear on the Pati Valley hike, there is the option of booking a place in a shared room - 15 € per day.

> Self-management - food and organization

Everyone will be invited to volunteer to prepare food for everybody during the gathering. Each day we will have a different and delicious team. Cleaning and maintenance of spaces will be everyone's responsibility, naturally. The functions required for the perfect operation of this spaceship will all be explained on a chart and ready to be adopted.

This is a creative process in constant experimentation, if you have a suggestion, please do it!