It is one of those places that you have to be and to live to understand, because it is impossible to explain in words, for example, the unusual flavor of jackfruit palm, a typical local food. Beyond this, there is the convergence of people with interests in different studies such as permaculture, quantum healing, holistic treatments, medicinal plants and shamanic experiences.  Live for a moment with the locals and the reality of the Valley, offer yourself a great opportunity for the development of spirituality and self-knowledge through a simple, natural life.

In the Capão phase we will be conducting activities in the Ecovillage Terra Viva. We will make a pre-encounter, the Seed Encounter that will take place from December 15th to January 7th, where we will be improving the dance spaces, the reception structure, dry toilets, making vegetable gardens and experiencing permaculture, agroforestry and bio-construction in the practice of community.

Everybody is invited!


This ecological sanctuary is inhabited by a curious mixture of native Bahia people with alternative people from many different places. The Capão is a corner of the world. Considered one of the most cosmopolitan villages of the planet, it has an immense rate of visitors who became residents, such is the magnetism of this place.

 Art is the engine of the local movement. The term "world music" is present in any spontaneous encounter with the most different instruments and sounds. The arts of the body and dance have now gained great projection, beyond the Capão Circus School who is also an international reference in acrobatic formation.

Capão Valley : 8 - 15th January 2020

The Vale do Capão is an alternative village located in Chapada Diamantina, Caeté-Açu district, near the city of Palmeiras, Bahia.

The term "Caeté-Açu" in Tupi language, means "Great True Nature". Once there, just look sideways to see why it has that name. The valley is formed by the meeting of mountains of Candombá and Larguinha, from where you can admire the spectacle of the sunset on the Morro Branco at the same time that you can take a refreshing swim in the well of the River of Cruzinha.

The first part of the ENCIMA of Chapada happens in this amazing place, surrounded by some of the most beautiful waterfalls, as the Riachinho, the Purificação, Águas Claras and the impressive Cachoeira da Fumaça, with 340 meters of height, is one of the biggest falls of water of Latin America. During the month of January is one of the most interesting moments of the year to be in this place, since after the summer rain, the waterfalls are full of strength and beauty.